Balinese Subak System

A traditional subak based irrigation management in Bali island

We would like to introduce the multifunctionality of Subak System that are operating irrigation network (distributing irrigation water by tektek system), conducting irrigation facilities maintenance, managing conflicts, mobilizing capital resources (land and financial), and conducting traditional ceremony activities. 

Then we also express the multifunctionality of paddy field within subak system. Beside as a place for producing food, it is also as a nature ecosystem maintenance, a place for recreation and relaxation, a place for mental education to the youth people, and traditional culture maintenance.

Subak System in Bali

Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University is a competent institution to offer scientific based information about the Balinese Subak System.

A special subject offering on the higher education curricula is subak system make the faculty be exclusive then others. BEAT Foundation has been founded, headed, and supported by the persons come from the faculty who consent to the subak system development.