Traditional bioindustry activities

Palmyra sugar or coconut palm sugar, Luwak coffee, salt, and other productions.

We will enjoy to introduce the production process of Palmyra or coconut palm sugar that originally made from the sap of palmyra palmor coconut palm. 

Luwak coffee is a unique and an exclusive coffee originally made from fermented coffee bean by a night animal namely Luwak. Salt are also traditionally made by coastal people in Bali island.

Traditional bioindustry

Brown sugar made from the sap of Palmyra palm or coconut palm are famous produced by traditional people in Bali.

Luwak coffee is also famous for small agro-tourism development in Bali. Salt production is also traditionally made by local people. Many research related to the bioindustry were conducted by students and lecturers of the Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University. 

BEAT Foundation has been founded, headed, and supported by the persons come from the faculty who have consent to the sustainable agroindustry development in Bali.