Balinese Subak System

A traditional subak based irrigation management in Bali island

We would like to introduce the multifunctionality of Subak System that are operating irrigation network (distributing irrigation water by tektek system), conducting irrigation facilities maintenance, managing conflicts, mobilizing capital resources (land and financial), and conducting traditional ceremony activities. Then we also express the multifunctionality of paddy field within subak system. Beside as a place for producing food, it is also as a nature ecosystem maintenance, a place for...

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Organic or Integrated Farming System

Organic farm is an innovative farming system development model for supporting sustainable agriculture in Bali (see Budiasa, 2014)

We would like to introduce the best practice of Balinese organic farm. As of 2012, there were 22 groups of organic food crop and horticulture farms such as rice or red rice, vegetable, flower, sneak fruit, grape, mangosteen, papaya, banana, ginger, red onion, and mushroom; 8 groups of organic cashew farms; and 7 groups of organic coffee farms. They will be sustainable when the sustainability criteria were fulfilled (see Budiasa, 2014). The existing integrated farming system in Bali contribu...

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Traditional bioindustry activities

Palmyra sugar or coconut palm sugar, Luwak coffee, salt, and other productions.

We will enjoy to introduce the production process of Palmyra or coconut palm sugar that originally made from the sap of palmyra palmor coconut palm. Luwak coffee is a unique and an exclusive coffee originally made from fermented coffee bean by a night animal namely Luwak. Salt are also traditionally made by coastal people in Bali island.

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